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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two Cribs

So ever since a couple of weeks ago, Hannah and Kate have been winding up in the funniest positions in their crib. Yesterday, I heard Hannah fussing around 6:30 in the morning so I went to go investigate. Kate was very sweetly kicking her in the head. I thought for sure they'd be able to sleep in the same crib until they were rolling over from their backs to their stomachs, but I was wrong. George very sweetly put the crib together while I was gone the other night. I only had to ask once! Woohoo (you ladies know what I'm talking about)! After moving some furniture around, we finally got it completely set up in the nursery last night. It's a little bittersweet. I'm glad they are growing up, but it's also sad to see them growing up. I still have to go out and buy the mattress today and wash the second set of bedding, but they should be sleeping in their own beds by tonight. Once I get the room situated I'll post some pictures.

George went to the doctor today expecting to be released to work on Monday, but he said that his foot turned purple while he was waiting to see his doctor. I have surmised that God must want him home for another week because it has not been changing colors recently, even with his increased activity. The doctor said that this next week will be his last week at home.

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