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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Decorating

Mom and I took all 4 girls to pick out pumpkins today!  I had plans to take them to this "fall festival" thing in Bradenton, but with all that happened yesterday, we needed to stick closer to home.

This shot came right after Rachel picked up a BIG pumpkin and dropped it.

Notice the candy corn dresses my 3 girls are wearing.  I finished them this morning.  Rachel has one, too, and I am planning on making one for Lily!

Grandma and I helped the older 3 decorate with glitter and buttons.  I'm not much of a pumpkin carver and they are too young anyway.  Reagan's and Lily's were decorated by the adults.

I don't have pictures of the finished projects because they are still drying, but I will post some later!

Recent Pictures

Just a couple of quick recent pictures for those of you who need a Lantz cuteness kid fix!

Bahamas Cruise-Post #2

We by far had the best time when we docked at Freeport.  I wasn't expecting much because all of the online reviews said that Freeport wasn't that great and was too industrial.  I had done a lot of research ahead of time and it totally paid off! 
We went to Deadman's Reef.  There is a place there called Paradise Cove.  It's not a hotel or resort or anything.  There were probably a total of 8 employees.  It was just the right size.  It was $3 a person to use the beach and another $3 for a chair.  They had food available and other various rentals, but we had our own stuff.  The employees were SO friendly and personable.  They hung out with all of the guests the whole time.  There were probably about 30 other people there with us.

I was amazed at the sea life.  I have never swam with so many different tropical fish!  What an awesome reminder of God as Creator.  These pictures are of 20-30 foot water. 

The above and below picture are of some type of rays.

If you are ever in the area, go to this place!  George is already talking about actually flying into Freeport and staying there just to go back.  We had an awesome trip back with no delays and made it back home by 10:30 Monday morning! 

P.S. I have a lot of posts coming so make sure you read them all...between a new baby, Halloween, my cute kids, and cruises...there is a lot to catch you up on!