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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet Lily Joy!

I'll let Sarah give you a detail of her actual birth.  I'll tell it from my side.  I got to the hospital about 9:00 with Rachel and Reagan.  After visiting with Sarah for a little bit, Katie and I decided that it would be best to take all of the kids (there were 6 total at this point) to the park.  Since there was one nearby, we walked the 1/2 mile and hung out there for about an hour.  Then, we headed back since it would be time to pick up Hannah and Kate from preschool and it was lunchtime.  We had planned on heading back to our house since it seemed like Sarah would be quite a bit longer.  Well, on my way to get H&K, we got a phone call that Sarah was 7-8 cm and we should come back.  We made it back by about noon, this time with 8 kids in tow.

Matt came down and said that we should go see Sarah.  We just assumed she had had her epidural and was resting comfortably.  We walk into the room and my first sight was Sarah with a baby on her chest!  WHAT?!?!  How could they not have told us that she had already had the baby?  Anyway, turns out that Sarah dialated really quickly and Lily just popped right on out.  After Katie and I got over the initial shock of the baby already being here, we asked if what it was.  GIRL!!!

Here are some pictures:

This was most of the 8 kids playing duck, duck, goose in the waiting room.  The redhead was just a little girl that became part of the group.

Happy Birth Day, Lily Joy!

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