Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marching Miracle Multiples

Today marks our 3rd annual (minus last year because I had just given birth) 3 mile walk in the March for Babies sponsored by the March of Dimes.  It was an early start to the day, but very worth walking to support those who have a very early start to life.  Thank you so much for everyone who walked with us and who financially supported us!  Those precious preemies are so near to our hearts and we continue to praise Him because we know that He is able to take the weakest in the world to show His power!  What a glorious God we serve.

 And Grandma was oh so kind to send me the pictures after I outted her on the blog (love you, Mom)!  These are from Reagan's swim lessons the other night.  She got to wear the backpack floatie and we practiced blowing bubbles A LOT.  She did actually blow them for the first time.  Yay, Reagan!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Swings & Swimming

We have one more week of swimming lessons!  Yay!  While they haven't been extremely time consuming, it does take up an hour 4 days a week.  And almost as soon as they are over, we hit an extremely busy summer with a lot of traveling.  The videos are of Hannah and Kate practicing swimming.  I think that I have mentioned a couple of times how well-behaved H & K are compared to the other kids in the class.  I'm not just having a mommy bragging moment.  They really do sit on the top step like they are supposed to and never move unless told to.  The reason I say that is because you'll notice at the end of the videos that the teacher has to stop helping H & K to make the other kids get back on the step.  Anyway, enjoy!

 Reagan in her new swing from Aunt Sarah & Uncle Matt
 Grandma came to watch her swimming lessons last Wednesday night, which meant that Hannah and Kate also get to come.  Once she forwards me those pictures (hint hint), I'll put them up!
 Reagan loves pushing this high chair around the house.  Not sure why it's so fun, but it keeps her occupied!

Tomorrow is our annual March of Dimes walk!  Look for some pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reagan's Party

We celebrated Reagan's birthday on Saturday night.  We kept the party relatively small, but we had a lot of fun.  I decided on a Barnyard Bash and it's a good thing there were no outside activities planned because the weather was not so great.  We had BBQ pulled pork, baked beans, jello salad, chicken feed (trail mix), deviled eggs (my very first attempt ever), a vegetable garden, and pigs in a blanket (hot dogs).  

 George and I think this picture is hilarious because Reagan loves running around with stuff in her mouth.  We obviously don't let her run around with anything she could choke on.  She comes up to you with mouth closed, but puffy cheeks and then all of a sudden something plops out of her mouth.
 Once again, Erin did a fabulous job on the cake!  The barn and silo were made out of rice krispie treats (which I just happened to put 2 full gallon sized bags in my freezer to save for later) and the rest was just cake.  It was so yummy! 

 The beautiful birthday girl!

 Karen & Caroline (a precious family that goes to our church that we got to minister to while Caroline was in the NICU & she just happens to be one of Reagan's buddies)
 The James Family

 This family picture is so much better than the one we took a year ago in the hospital
 She dug right into her cake but flung it off her hands a couple of times.  I don't think she was used to the stickiness of the frosting.

 Kate & her pig cake pop

This is just some video of Reagan eating her cake.  I thought those of you who are far away might appreciate some video!  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Reagan!

 It is hard to believe that a year has already flown by since our little Reagan Olivia was born!  What a blessing she is.  She has such a sweet spirit (I know, mark these words because I'm sure they will change as she enters the toddler phase).  If you bend down, she'll run up to you and snuggle in for a hug!  My heart just melts and is so full of love for her!   

I was really just trying to get a picture of her in her birthday shirt that I found at Target on clearance for about a dollar.  I'm not usually one to get a shirt that they can only wear one day out of the year, but who can pass up a $2 shirt that is so cute?

She's come quite a long way from trying to escape the womb a year ago to trying to escape her crib!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, Reagan Olivia!  Daddy, Mommy, Hannah, and Kate love you so much and know that the Lord has beautiful plans for your life.

Her birthday party post will come soon!