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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marching Miracle Multiples

Today marks our 3rd annual (minus last year because I had just given birth) 3 mile walk in the March for Babies sponsored by the March of Dimes.  It was an early start to the day, but very worth walking to support those who have a very early start to life.  Thank you so much for everyone who walked with us and who financially supported us!  Those precious preemies are so near to our hearts and we continue to praise Him because we know that He is able to take the weakest in the world to show His power!  What a glorious God we serve.

 And Grandma was oh so kind to send me the pictures after I outted her on the blog (love you, Mom)!  These are from Reagan's swim lessons the other night.  She got to wear the backpack floatie and we practiced blowing bubbles A LOT.  She did actually blow them for the first time.  Yay, Reagan!

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