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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So Much Cuteness to Share

I think...wait, a minute...I KNOW (there...that's right) that I have the cutest kids in the world.  Totally biased, but, hopefully my kids will look back one day and be able to say that their mama thought the world of them!  I wanted to get caught up on blogging before the big birthday barnyard bash!

Reagan loves playing in the box of DVDs and since she can't open the cases, it is completely fine by me that she keeps herself busy.  She has started emptying the bin and then playing in it.  She climbed in all by herself.

More swimming lessons...The other moms must think I'm nuts for taking pictures of every lesson, but I can't help myself.

 Hannah practicing floating on her back

 Kate practicing her bubbles

And once again...this cute little princess who thinks that she is 11 months going on 4.  She walks around with her sisters' play jewelry.  She'll take their princess headbands and hold it up to her head like a crown.  Yesterday, I caught her running around the house with her necklace.  Every time I would say, "Reagan, show me your necklace," she would put it in her hands and hold it out to me.  

And more swimming from today!

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