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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jesus is Alive!-Party #1

Our church threw a Fun Festival to kick off the grand opening of the new Latin church that is meeting on our campus.  George was working today, but it is so awesome to have his family going to the same church because they met up with us and had a lot of fun!  There were inflatables, food, and an Easter Egg "hunt".  

 Kate was just not into pictures today so excuse her non-photogenicness (can you tell I made up that word?)

 Reagan was fairly content to sit in her stroller the whole time, but Nanny was nice enough to release her towards the end.  She did not take her morning nap and I think she's coming down with a cold, so she looks drunk in all her pictures even though she is not on any medicine.

Is one picture of me and my girls too much to ask for?  Apparently, it was for Kate.

Right before this, we had to go to Publix and Hannah and Kate were telling the cashiers all about the Jesus is Alive! party we were going to.  I love their excitement for Jesus!  I think that is the kind of childlike faith Jesus refers to in the Bible.  I'm going to tell everyone and I don't care what they think because I'm excited attitude!

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