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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day-Part 2

At about 9:30, we arrived to the elder (not an insult, just a distinction) Lantz's house. We enjoyed some more gift opening, breakfast, and making gingerbread houses.



Putting on the new aprons so we can make gingerbread houses

Santa's little helpers (well, really Amy & Erin's little helpers)

A gigantic Gator

The girls did more eating than decorating, but they loved it!

Then, after a couple of hours we headed over to the Schaefer's house to eat lunch and spent the rest of the day there. It was the most chaotic gift opening we've had because trying to get three toddlers to go in any sort of order was just not happening. So it was pretty much a free for all for the kids and then the adults opened their gifts.

Kate opening her Minnie slippers (too bad her fat...umm...I mean wide won't fit into them)

George's favorite gift-a Nerf gun

My grandma, Hank, Mom, Dad, Sarah, & Rachel

Us-when we took this picture, it didn't seem like we were standing that far apart. I was trying to accentuate my belly, but it makes us look like we were fighting and we weren't.

The two too excited little girls who refused to take a nap after the sugar and toy high they were on!
I am very proud out of all of the Christmas season that the girls know that Christmas is about Jesus, Mary, & Joseph. Next year we can add more, but we have a good foundation!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

These are all from Christmas morning at our house. We had a very busy day so I will post the pictures from the grandparents' houses in the last post. The girls woke up at their normal 7:30 time and ate breakfast. Although they definitely learned who Santa was and Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the whole concept of presents still eluded their little brains. Well, for a short while anyway.

Some Christmas decorations

Good morning, Hannah!

Good morning, Kate!

Mommy helping Kate put on her new Jasmine slippers. Too bad they really don't make them for toddler with fat (wide) feet! She wore them around for a while until she begged us to take them off.


Princess PJ's from Grandma & Grandpa Kelso


Even more exciting than the pj's was the tag with the princesses on it

Going for more presents

Kate & their new Tinkerbell movie. One of the sweetest moments of their present opening experience was that Kate started shaking as she was opening this present. Her eye caught Tinkerbell, her mouth opened really wide, and her hands started shaking as she yelled, "Tinkerbell, Mommy, Tinkerbell!"

Hannah's puzzle from Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Schaefer

Elmo book

Tag Jr. book

Daddy & his girls watching Tinkerbell

What a sweet experience it is to watch two little girls who didn't expect any presents. They were amazed! I'm sure next year will be different. The innocence will be gone, but at least their will be another little one to celebrate with!

Christmas Eve

I'm going to split all of the Christmas posts up so as not to overwhelm you with pictures. We spent most of Christmas Eve day at home. I thought I was going to have a nice, relaxing day and it turns out that I was on my feet for the entire day doing odds and ends things. We walked (yes, I said walked~woohoo for living less than .5 mile from the church & avoiding the crowded parking lot) to church and had a great time at church praising the Lord! Hannah got so excited that she even ran the aisle during the middle of the pastor's sermon. Talk about one of the my most humiliating experiences as a parent...yet. The girls were getting really restless so I was going to take them outside and trying to get two toddlers over feet and past an elderly woman wasn't easy. Well, Hannah made it out of our aisle first and headed towards the front of the sanctuary instead of the back. The pastor was in the middle of his sermon so it's not like I could run after her or yell for her. She actually rounded the corner and went around the front (thank goodness she didn't run up the stairs onto the stage), but someone kindly directed her back out just as George was going after her. That was our highlight of the evening!

After that we headed to the Lantz's for our traditional Christmas Eve chinese dinner and some good ol' fellowship with family! Here are some pictures:

Grandma & Kate
Amy & Hannah

The prego

Me & Amy
Amy & Hannah

Kate opening Amy's gift

Hannah opening Amy's gift


Pajamas...what a surprise (it's a tradition in the Lantz family to get PJ's on Christmas Eve)

Kate, Amy, Hannah
Christmas be continued...