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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Lane

On Sunday night, a gang of us headed out to Dover to visit Christmas Lane. I was expecting long lines of traffic after last year, but I guess we headed out early enough in the year and we went on a very cold night so we had no trouble finding a parking space and didn't have to fight any crowds. We had a great time! The girls got to ride the train for the first time! They LOVED it. I thought we would have to do a little more coaxing because after a certain point, they had to walk themselves through the line, but they both ran right up! So precious. We ended that night with the drive thru nativity at a local church. All things that I think we are making annual traditions in the Lantz home.

Just for the sake of not labeling every picture, Hannah is in the pink coat and Kate in the purple. I got these 3-in-1 coats at Children's Place for $20 each (70% off the original price)! I searched everywhere for coats and God blessed us with these. Enjoy!

Pe-pe (how they say Grampie) & Nanny
Auntie Erin & Hannah

Riding the train

Waiting in line for the train

Hannah & Grandma

Some of the decorations

Grandpa & Kate

Love this picture! Wish I had it in time for our Christmas cards.

Everyone who went!

That's it for our Christmas festivities thus far. Kate's favorite phrase right now is, "I'm gonna get you!" Sometimes she'll run up to you and try to tickle you as she says it. We watched another princess movie, Sleeping Beauty, tonight and they actually mostly sat for the whole thing. The whole princess obsession helps.

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