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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day-Part 2

At about 9:30, we arrived to the elder (not an insult, just a distinction) Lantz's house. We enjoyed some more gift opening, breakfast, and making gingerbread houses.



Putting on the new aprons so we can make gingerbread houses

Santa's little helpers (well, really Amy & Erin's little helpers)

A gigantic Gator

The girls did more eating than decorating, but they loved it!

Then, after a couple of hours we headed over to the Schaefer's house to eat lunch and spent the rest of the day there. It was the most chaotic gift opening we've had because trying to get three toddlers to go in any sort of order was just not happening. So it was pretty much a free for all for the kids and then the adults opened their gifts.

Kate opening her Minnie slippers (too bad her fat...umm...I mean wide won't fit into them)

George's favorite gift-a Nerf gun

My grandma, Hank, Mom, Dad, Sarah, & Rachel

Us-when we took this picture, it didn't seem like we were standing that far apart. I was trying to accentuate my belly, but it makes us look like we were fighting and we weren't.

The two too excited little girls who refused to take a nap after the sugar and toy high they were on!
I am very proud out of all of the Christmas season that the girls know that Christmas is about Jesus, Mary, & Joseph. Next year we can add more, but we have a good foundation!

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