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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, December 3, 2010

Gender Reveal Party

So the moment you have all been waiting for is finally here. Our party is over and all of our immediate family (living in the U.S) has been notified. A friend from church had a party to reveal the gender of her baby and I thought it was a cute idea. Since baby showers aren't really common for 2nd pregnancies, I figured why not throw a little party and have some fun! We kept it very simple with just immediate family. Amy, George's sister, helped me organize it. She made the shirts that we are wearing below.

When we sent out the invitations, we asked people to wear pink or blue based on whatever their prediction for the baby would be. When they came to the door, George or I answered it and everyone thought that our t-shirts were the announcement. Surprise, then they saw the other one and knew that we were still keeping them in suspense. We had little blue and pink candies and I made cupcakes with blue or pink gumballs.

This was a bulletin board we decorated with ultrasound pictures

Belly shot

Me & Hannah (she had a shirt that said big sister)

Nanny & Kate
Hannah & Rachel hugging

Feed us, please!

My mom supporting the girl team

Team Blue-George's Dad had on 4 layers of blue! Can you tell he really wants a grandson?

Love this picture!
To reveal the gender of the baby, we stuffed a pinata with confetti and candy of a certain color! Krista was ready to whack that thing open!

After only two swings, can you guess? We are having a...

Just in case you can't read the ultrasound picture, it's a girl! Praise God for a healthy, beautiful little girl! We are so very excited. I teared up when the tech told us it was a girl. I definitely would love to have a boy, but I'm just so happy to have whatever God blesses us with & I truly mean that. We have a name in mind, but I'll save that for another post!
P.S. Did you notice my band-aid is gone? I had a check-up this morning and they said it looks great!


  1. YAY!!! We have plenty of girl clothes to loan you! You shouldn't have to buy a thing.

  2. Yaaay for another girl! She will have lots of hami-downs with two older sisters and an older cousin!! So happy for you guys and to hear everything with Baby Lantz is going well! You look GREAT! Your little bump could not be more adorable!!!