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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

Just in case you were wondering...

~We have moved in with my parents.
~We are 90% moved out of our house.
~I did have an emotional moment as the girls were running to their cribs at our house thinking about when we first brought them know the rest
~We are exhausted from being so busy.
~I finally went to the doctor and got some medicine to clear up a sinus infection. I also called Kate's doctor and she got a prescription.
~The seller's realtor on the house that we put an offer in on is again giving us the run around. Our offer expired last Friday at 5 and she still didn't have the decency to give us a clear answer.
~I am very frustrated with the uncertainty of our housing situation. My parents are being so gracious to let us stay here, but no one really wants to move back in with their parents (for the 2nd time since we've been married) and we still have no "clear" direction as to where we will be living in the near future.
~We could really use your prayer for God's direction right now and for God to provide a house.

Friday, February 19, 2010

For Sale

If you haven't already picked up on the fact that we are moving out of our house, here's one more clue. We have stuff for sale! The grill is a Charbroil Gas Grill. It's not in pristine condition, but it works well. $50

Our other piece of furniture for sale is our kitchen table & 4 chairs. We bought it from American Signature. It's in great condition. One of the chairs is broken, but it CAN be fixed. $150

If you are interested or someone you know may be interested, please e-mail me,, ASAP because we need to sell it by the end of next week! Thanks!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hammy Hannah & Koughing Kate

Let me first start off by saying that I know coughing is not spelled with a K. But if I wanted the letters to match with the beginning of their name I had to misspell it, which is very difficult for me to do. I was a runner up spelling bee champ in the 5th grade. I am a very good speller. That's just the way God made me. My classmates always used to hate me because I could just spell words without studying. They also used to cheat off of me. Anyway, spelling wasn't what this blog spot was about.

We are slowly but surely getting healthy again, I hope. I've kept them away from other kids because they still do have symptoms but I also would like to take them to church on Sunday and keep them from getting sick again. We've pretty much stopped the breathing treatments. Kate was so cute and mature the other day when she had to do one. I just strapped her mask on and she took it like a champ.

These pictures are from this morning when the girls went to get George out of bed. They love running in our room in the morning and yelling, "Da-de." Hannah was hamming it up for the camera.

You might have noticed in the pictures that our bed frame is gone. We are moving out of our house this Saturday and into my parent's house. We finally heard something about the house that we put an offer in on months ago, but never heard back from the seller's realtor. It looks like we will be re-offering and hopefully actually moving forward this time. It's hard to get too excited, but we are continuing to pray for faith that God will work this one out. I'll keep you updated!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Hunt is On

We finally got an answer on the house we most recently put an offer in on...NO! Someone else offered $20,000 over the asking price. At least we know. However, that puts us back in the horrible spot of continuing our house hunt. I am still packing up this house for a move next weekend. Ninety-five percent of our stuff is headed to storage, while the rest will be going to my parents' house for a very temporary stay. Who knows where we will go from there? We are back to looking at the original house in Dover that we first put an offer in on. It dropped $20,000 in price, but we are still having difficulties dealing with the seller's realtor. She won't give us straight answers about any offers on the house. We love that house and the area that it's in. So, once again, if you want to pray for us, please pray that God would allow us to have that house. If it's not in His will, that He would grant us clear guidance and patience.

In other news...Hannah amazes me with her ability to sit and give herself an entire (almost) breathing treatment. What a sweet girl she is!

My grandmother sent the girls Valentine's Day cards and I gave them to them to look at. They were so proud of their cards. They ran around the house opening them.

This is one of the first pictures where if I didn't know who was who, I would've thought that Kate was Hannah



This is just a random picture of Kate throwing a tantrum over who knows what

And finally some pictures of both girls doing their treatments. We had to take a short break from house hunting today to get the girls their medicine.

And as for me, I am over (well, not really over it) this whole cold & cough thing. This one has really hit me hard and I've been very tempted to strap on a mask and give myself a breathing treatment. I must only be getting 4 hours of sleep at night after I pass out from exhaustion of coughing. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's More Fun?

What's more fun than wearing brand new shoes & running across the tile just so you can hear the tapping noise they make on the floor?

"I don't know, Mama, tell us. Tell us."What's more fun than giving one baby breathing treatments every 4-6 hours?
Have you guessed it by now? I'll give you one more try while you look at this adorable picture from Hannah & Kate a year ago.

Giving breathing treatments to 2 babies every 4 hours! Have I got my work cut out for me? I took Hannah in for her re-check with the doctor today and she said she still sounded bad. She asked how Kate was doing and I told her that she was starting to cough. She listened to her and said that she needed a breathing treatment, also. So the nurse gave one to Hannah (the experienced I've already done this piece of cake baby) and I gave one to Kate (the I've never done this before but I thought it looked cool when sissy was doing it this morning at home but I didn't know this would make me so hyper baby). Let me tell you how fun that was folks. Hopefully it will go easier when I pop in a baby einstein at home and they watch it while doing their breathing treatments. As for me, while I don't need an official breathing treatment, it would be nice if I could breathe through this stuffed up nose of mine and not cough my way through the night.
For now, it's off to take a nap. I still very much live by the old adage of napping when the baby naps. Hope your Wednesday is even more fun than mine has been!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We Have a Wheezer!

Hannah has been developing a cough over the last couple of days. So, what's new!? This time, I noticed her breathing to be a bit more labored and thought she was wheezing. It finally got to the point late yesterday afternoon that I decided to take her to an after hours urgent care clinic. Good thing we did. They diganosed her with bronchilitis (lower respiratory infection), which resulted from her cough. They gave her a breathing treatment, which she fought her entire way through, but we noticed an immediate difference. They did a chest x-ray. That turned out fine. After two hours and almost near bedtime, they sent us home with a nebulizer and some steroids.
The doctor told me that if she tends to wheeze during every cold she gets, it's likely that she has asthma. Wheeze she does. This I can rightly say that she gets from her father's side of the family. He had asthma as a child. I'm not sure if Kate wheezes during every cold. That's the beauty of having twins. Sometimes you mix symptoms when they are sick at the same time. She hasn't been diagnosed with asthma, but it's something that I guess we need to watch out for.
We did another breathing treatment at home this morning while watching a Baby Einstein and she sat quietly through this one. It's nice to have something that will actually help her during her cold. Sometimes I feel so helpless because you can't give young children any cough or cold medicine.

I think we'll be hanging around the house today. Little Happy Hannah has so graciously passed along her cold to me and it's supposed to be a rainy day anyway. Plus, we've got some packing to do if we are moving in a couple of weeks. Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catching Up

I'm sitting in bed on this cloudy, chilly Sunday morning waiting for church to start. Hannah has had a little cough the past couple of days and it just seemed to be more persistent this morning so I decided to keep us home today so we don't spread our germs. George is working. He has everyday this past week. I was looking forward to church for many reasons, but one of those being that I would have some time with other adults without two little ones nipping at my heels. Oh, well. Not this week. So I am watching church online. I won't lie. I'm secretly hoping that Mac Powell from Third Day will be singing at our church today. He led the music worship for our youths' Straight Up Weekend retreat this weekend. I guess we'll see. Can you tell that I'm just kind of writing everything coming into my mind right now?

We had our second garage sale this weekend. Sarah and I decided that we wanted to get money for all of the leftovers from last week. Call us crazy, but we both made more this week than last week. I think overall, between both garage sales and all of us, we netted about $400. Not bad, huh? We also did all of this while taking care of 3 babies/toddlers. Like I said, call us crazy. It wasn't the plan for us to have the children in our care, but that's the way it worked out. We are going over to my parents' house later for the Super Bowl. Still waiting on hearing about anything from the house!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family Memorial

We have just one more week left in our Growing Kid's God's Way class. I'm sad to see it come to an end, but I guess it will be nice to have our Sunday nights back. We have learned SO much from this class and from the teachers and other parents that we have been able to share the past 20 or so weeks with. This last week was about creating a family memorial. When the Israelites were wandering in the desert, God often told them to pick up stones or build an altar in rememberance of what God had done in a particular spot. The purpose of the stones was to remind them to tell the story again and pass it through the generations. What an awesome thing to be able to tell your grandchildren of a specific instance of how God worked. This was actually something that I had learned a while ago in a Beth Moore bible study and God had led me to create a memory box for our family. My parents gave one to us years ago at Christmas and I've been putting little symbols of things that God has done in our lives, but it's been tucked away. Well, after Sunday night, I was convicted to pull it out and proudly display it on our foyer table. I added the paper on the front and when I can find a nice family picture of the four of us will also add that to it, too.

I was also thinking that it might be neat to one day buy each of our children a smaller, simpler box that they can also put things in that God does just for them. Some of the things that are currently in our box are Hannah & Kate's hospital ID bracelets, the newspaper article from George's snake bite, our pregnancy test & a bib from our first baby that we miscarried, ultrasound pictures of the girls, and some other things that aren't coming to mind at the moment.

I find it such a neat idea that I wanted to pass it along to you in case you would like to start one for your own family!

In other Lantz family news, we found a house that we really like located about 20-25 minutes north of us. It's a little bit further than we hoped, but George and I both compromised on some aspects and we really like the house. It's in a subdivision (George's compromise), but all of the houses are on one acre lots and this one is on a corner lot with no backyard neighbors! It actually still has orange trees in the backyard. It's 1770 square feet, 3/2/2 with a screened lanai and built in 2005. It doesn't have that 4th bedroom we were hoping for, but it does have a dining room & living room. I don't have any plans for buying formal dining room furniture or living room furniture anytime soon so I'd plan on using those rooms for a playroom or an office when the time comes that we'd need the 3rd bedroom for a nursery. There's also room to add on with such a large lot. It's a foreclosure for a great price (less than what we paid for the house we have)! The only obstacle is that many others think it's a great price, too. The first day it was on the market, we looked at it. We made an offer the next day & apparently so did others. Right now, we are playing the waiting game. I KNOW that God can hand us this house. I'm not sure if He's going to show us his bigness by allowing us to get it despite all of these other offers or if He has a better house planned for us. We have a certain price that we will not go above and we haven't reached that price yet. We still have to be out of our house by the end of the month. We do have a place to go. Yes, it's back with the parents for hopefully just a few short weeks. We don't want to sign a 7 month lease on an apartment if we only need somewhere to stay for a month. We'd be throwing money away. The hard thing right now is not having any solid answers. We are living by faith. We are very blessed though to have a place to go.

Our church is focused on prayer for an entire month. The pastor shared a verse this Sunday from James about not having because we don't ask. I have to confess that I hadn't even asked for the house simply because I don't know if I had the faith that God could do it. Lord, help my unbelief. So if you want to join us in prayer on this matter, please ask with us that God would deliver this house into our hands. If that's not His will, that He would help us to accept it with trust that He knows best and help us to find a house quickly!