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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's More Fun?

What's more fun than wearing brand new shoes & running across the tile just so you can hear the tapping noise they make on the floor?

"I don't know, Mama, tell us. Tell us."What's more fun than giving one baby breathing treatments every 4-6 hours?
Have you guessed it by now? I'll give you one more try while you look at this adorable picture from Hannah & Kate a year ago.

Giving breathing treatments to 2 babies every 4 hours! Have I got my work cut out for me? I took Hannah in for her re-check with the doctor today and she said she still sounded bad. She asked how Kate was doing and I told her that she was starting to cough. She listened to her and said that she needed a breathing treatment, also. So the nurse gave one to Hannah (the experienced I've already done this piece of cake baby) and I gave one to Kate (the I've never done this before but I thought it looked cool when sissy was doing it this morning at home but I didn't know this would make me so hyper baby). Let me tell you how fun that was folks. Hopefully it will go easier when I pop in a baby einstein at home and they watch it while doing their breathing treatments. As for me, while I don't need an official breathing treatment, it would be nice if I could breathe through this stuffed up nose of mine and not cough my way through the night.
For now, it's off to take a nap. I still very much live by the old adage of napping when the baby naps. Hope your Wednesday is even more fun than mine has been!


  1. Mama, you are a trooper! Call me if you need to just get out!

  2. awww... Hope you feel better!!