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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catching Up

I'm sitting in bed on this cloudy, chilly Sunday morning waiting for church to start. Hannah has had a little cough the past couple of days and it just seemed to be more persistent this morning so I decided to keep us home today so we don't spread our germs. George is working. He has everyday this past week. I was looking forward to church for many reasons, but one of those being that I would have some time with other adults without two little ones nipping at my heels. Oh, well. Not this week. So I am watching church online. I won't lie. I'm secretly hoping that Mac Powell from Third Day will be singing at our church today. He led the music worship for our youths' Straight Up Weekend retreat this weekend. I guess we'll see. Can you tell that I'm just kind of writing everything coming into my mind right now?

We had our second garage sale this weekend. Sarah and I decided that we wanted to get money for all of the leftovers from last week. Call us crazy, but we both made more this week than last week. I think overall, between both garage sales and all of us, we netted about $400. Not bad, huh? We also did all of this while taking care of 3 babies/toddlers. Like I said, call us crazy. It wasn't the plan for us to have the children in our care, but that's the way it worked out. We are going over to my parents' house later for the Super Bowl. Still waiting on hearing about anything from the house!


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