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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We Have a Wheezer!

Hannah has been developing a cough over the last couple of days. So, what's new!? This time, I noticed her breathing to be a bit more labored and thought she was wheezing. It finally got to the point late yesterday afternoon that I decided to take her to an after hours urgent care clinic. Good thing we did. They diganosed her with bronchilitis (lower respiratory infection), which resulted from her cough. They gave her a breathing treatment, which she fought her entire way through, but we noticed an immediate difference. They did a chest x-ray. That turned out fine. After two hours and almost near bedtime, they sent us home with a nebulizer and some steroids.
The doctor told me that if she tends to wheeze during every cold she gets, it's likely that she has asthma. Wheeze she does. This I can rightly say that she gets from her father's side of the family. He had asthma as a child. I'm not sure if Kate wheezes during every cold. That's the beauty of having twins. Sometimes you mix symptoms when they are sick at the same time. She hasn't been diagnosed with asthma, but it's something that I guess we need to watch out for.
We did another breathing treatment at home this morning while watching a Baby Einstein and she sat quietly through this one. It's nice to have something that will actually help her during her cold. Sometimes I feel so helpless because you can't give young children any cough or cold medicine.

I think we'll be hanging around the house today. Little Happy Hannah has so graciously passed along her cold to me and it's supposed to be a rainy day anyway. Plus, we've got some packing to do if we are moving in a couple of weeks. Have a great Tuesday!

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