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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Hunt is On

We finally got an answer on the house we most recently put an offer in on...NO! Someone else offered $20,000 over the asking price. At least we know. However, that puts us back in the horrible spot of continuing our house hunt. I am still packing up this house for a move next weekend. Ninety-five percent of our stuff is headed to storage, while the rest will be going to my parents' house for a very temporary stay. Who knows where we will go from there? We are back to looking at the original house in Dover that we first put an offer in on. It dropped $20,000 in price, but we are still having difficulties dealing with the seller's realtor. She won't give us straight answers about any offers on the house. We love that house and the area that it's in. So, once again, if you want to pray for us, please pray that God would allow us to have that house. If it's not in His will, that He would grant us clear guidance and patience.

In other news...Hannah amazes me with her ability to sit and give herself an entire (almost) breathing treatment. What a sweet girl she is!

My grandmother sent the girls Valentine's Day cards and I gave them to them to look at. They were so proud of their cards. They ran around the house opening them.

This is one of the first pictures where if I didn't know who was who, I would've thought that Kate was Hannah



This is just a random picture of Kate throwing a tantrum over who knows what

And finally some pictures of both girls doing their treatments. We had to take a short break from house hunting today to get the girls their medicine.

And as for me, I am over (well, not really over it) this whole cold & cough thing. This one has really hit me hard and I've been very tempted to strap on a mask and give myself a breathing treatment. I must only be getting 4 hours of sleep at night after I pass out from exhaustion of coughing. Have a great weekend!

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