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Friday, May 4, 2012

Swimming, Scooting, & Splashing

Hannah, Kate, and Reagan all had their last swimming lesson this week.  It was fun while it lasted, but it has made us very busy the last month and our schedule is about to get even busier!  George finally took Reagan swimming for her last lesson.  She kept wanting to get out of the water and get to me so she wasn't as happy as she normally is in the water, but they still had fun.  George looked at me a couple of times and said, "What do I do now?"  Yea, swimming lessons with a baby really aren't that exciting! 

 Practicing her bubbles
 Practicing getting out of the pool
 Even in the pool, she still loves to suck her thumb

Hannah and Kate were so excited that Grandma Kelso (George's Mom) got to come to their last lesson.  This lesson was all about boating safety so it was a little different than their other ones.  They wore life jackets the whole time instead of their normal floatie backpacks.  

 I just thought this picture was funny because of their little butt cheeks hanging out of their suits.  Not so cute when it happens as we get older, eh?
 Hannah was pulling Miss Amanda to safety with a noodle

 While the screaming & squabbles are frequent, they really do love each other.  Kate likes to hold onto Hannah during lessons because Kate is a little more scared of the water.
 Taking a boat ride on the pool

And today was probably one of our last trips to Busch Gardens for the summer.  It's already so warm down here and it's starting to get more crowded.  We had fun though and Reagan got to have her first time in the splash pad!

 Since Kate didn't want to ride on the swings, she literally rode the carousel all by herself!
 This little strawberry had me chasing her all around the splash pad.  I was hoping that maybe she'd sit down and play in the water........ummm, NOPE!  She got knocked down twice by the same little boy and after the second time he knocked her flat on her back, I actually corrected him myself.  Don't mess with my girls!  Let that be a future notice to any boys who even think about breaking my girls' hearts!  I'm one tough mama bear.    And their Daddy might be a little protective, too, after Hannah said to him that she was falling in love with him.

Grandma Kelso bought Hannah and Kate some princess scooters and they love them.  So far, they have been scooting around inside the house.  They also have helmets, but we figured the house was pretty safe.

 This poor little peanut wants so badly to do everything her big sisters do!  Grandma obliged and scooted her around the house. 

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