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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We went on our annual Memorial Day Weekend camping trip with George's family.  This year we went to Melbourne Beach.  With those that are as unfamiliar with where that is as I was, it is about 2 hours east of Tampa on the Atlantic coast.  We spent a large portion of Saturday on the beach.  Hannah and Kate loved playing in the sand and water and Reagan loved the sand.  I think they still have some in their hair.  Then, George and I managed to sneak away for a little date night at a local seafood place. 

On Sunday, they did a small church service and then had some family relay races in the early afternoon.  The rest of Sunday was spent watching the girls play in the kiddie pool in the pictures below.  We thought we might get hit kinda hard by Tropical Storm Beryl, but we only managed to get a couple of little spurts of rain.  We made it home on Monday by lunch time and then enjoyed a nice steak dinner with my family!

We all slept in our pop-up camper.  Hannah and Kate slept on the full size bed, George and I in the king size, and Reagan slept in her pack n' play where the eating area is.  A tiny bit cramped, but not bad at all!

My sweet Reagan napping in the pack n' play.

Team Blantz (we had to add the B because Matthew is a Beattie): George, Amy, Matthew, Hannah and Kate

Hannah and Kate were so excited to do these games!  They won 1st in the first heat, but then came in 2nd place when they  competed against the other 1st place team. 

Hannah and Kate "roughing" it with their DVD players right before bedtime.

I am so grateful that I get 2.5 weeks at home before our next big excursion!

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