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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Fix

Dizziness, chills, fever, sweating, nausea, fatigue...any of those symptoms ring a bell?  If they do, then you just might be a Hannah, Kate, and Reagan addict.  For those of you experiencing withdrawal, allow me to kindly put you at ease with our latest cuteness.

The following set of pictures is what happens when Mommy, Hannah, and Kate go to Busch Gardens and leave Daddy home with Reagan.  He assures me that she actually fell asleep in his arms and he just put her on the floor to take some pictures.  He says that he had a lot of fun with her.

 And this is as close as Reagan has come to crawling.  She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.  I'm really hoping she puts off the new skill until after our trip this weekend.  I was looking forward to a "relaxing" trip of not having to chase around children and not having to fly with a baby who wants to get down and roam the airplane.  You can see how far she scoots herself away from her toys though.

 And these are pictures from this morning.

 Thr proud big sister on the right is potty trained.  For those of you who are on facebook, you know this already, but I haven't shared it with my blog audience.  She just told me one day that she had to poop so we ran to the potty and have had only one accident in the last 2 weeks!  Woohoo!  Now I am only buying diapers for one big girl butt.

George has been on this cooking/grilling kick in which he has been experimenting with stuff he has seen on some grill show on PBS.  Yes, my husband is a PBS junkie.  A couple of weeks ago he made this Philly Cheesesteak on the grill.  It was delicious.  He has also made quesadillas on the grill and they were yummy.  (It's a shame that all of my time at the gym is spent just working off one meal.)  On Sunday he went fishing and caught one huge grouper, a medium sized grouper, and a small mackrel.  He fried up the grouper last night for fish and chips.  It was so good.  He even made his own tartar sauce and the french fries were made from potatoes.  Can't say that it was the healthiest meal, but it was well worth it!

And a cute video from Kate playing peekaboo with Reagan this morning.  Reagan is not a giggly baby so any time we can get her to laugh more than one syllable, we try to get as much as we can out of her.  

Hope that satisfies your craving until probably next week. 

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