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Monday, August 6, 2012

When Hubby is Away, Wifey will Play!

George is on his annual Florida Keys trip and I have been keeping myself ( & Sarah) very busy with home improvement projects.  I haven't really gotten into Pinterest, but Erin showed me a few things the other day and kinda got me hooked.  I'm probably not on it as much as most "pinners" are, but I have found several DIY projects that I was dying to do.

First, I painted our hallway between the master bedroom and Reagan's room.  It's just a nice tan and I also painted the closets.  They needed it desperately because the walls were covered with water stains.  They look so fresh now.  I also reorganized the closets because I have a rather large health & beauty stockpile.  I realize that you may not be as excited about my new closets as I am, but I'm sharing anyways!

 Matt & Sarah were gracious enough to come over and teach me how to use a drill.  My first drilling project was hanging our ironing board and iron on the back of our hallway closet door.  I never considered using the back of doors so much, but I found several ideas on Pinterest and it's great unused space!

My next project was making a bench seat for some recently purchased IKEA shelves.

 Reagan was dying to help Aunt Sarah and since she kept picking up the real hammer and pliers, I gave in and found her a toy hammer.

 My completed bench seat!  All I have to do is put little bumper pads underneath so it doesn't slide around.

 I bought this sign in South Carolina.  I loved it!  I hung this one all by myself, too!

 Hannah and Kate have SO many stuffed animals and dolls that just lay around their room.  I saw another cute idea on Pinterest about painting a garbage can and using it for toy storage.  So I bought a 30 gallon metal trash can from Home Depot and a couple of cans of spray paint.  I got sick of everything in their room being pink so I went with a lilac color.  I then sewed some fabric around the outside just to give it some character.  The fabric didn't quite reach the entire way around, but I also think I want to line the entire trash can so this project has a little bit more work to it. 

I'm just really excited to feel productive and make my "workspace" into something nice and homey for my family!  I have more painting projects in the near future so stay tuned...

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  1. Everything looks great! I love the trash can idea! I haven't seen it before, but I think it would be great for Faith's toys. Thanks for sharing!