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Thursday, November 8, 2012

NICU Reunion

Hannah, Kate, and I attended the annual NICU reunion.  The girls had a blast playing all the games and doing the crafts.  It was also a great time to see some of the families we have ministered to and meet some new ones, too.  Hannah and Kate also spotted one of their classmates from preschool and I was able to meet their family.  Neither of us had any idea that we had a NICU connection.  I'm pretty sure that was a divine appointment.

At the reunion we got to do a lot of advertising for our new NICU support group at the hospital.  We had our first meeting this past Tuesday night.  A couple from the reunion, a friend whose baby was also in the NICU, a NICU nurse, George, and I all attended.  We had a great time talking about our experiences and just getting to know one another.  We are set to meet the first and third Tuesday of every month with the full support of Brandon Hospital (where H & K were born).  

I have been baby-sitting a 2.5 month old little boy this past week and Reagan is so jealous of all of the baby"stuff" he gets to enjoy.  Here's a picture of her enjoying it, too! 

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