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Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hannah and Kate had a little party at preschool and the kids all got to dress up in their costumes.  Hannah decided she wanted to be Sleeping Beauty this year and Kate wanted to be Belle.

Showing off their princess hair.  Reagan also desperately wanted to be in a picture!
 My in-laws put forth a challenge that the best ladybug costume at our church's Trunk-or-Treat event would win a gift card.  I decided that Lily would be my little model.  I made her a red tutu out of tulle and glued black pom-poms to it.  I "borrowed" the head part from Bella's costume her first Halloween, and added a "black" (I'll explain in a second) onesie and leggings.  Since we live in FL and there were no stores that I looked at that had a simple black onesie, turtleneck, or long sleeve shirt (I even looked in the boy's dept), I ended up having to buy a white onesie and dye it black.  The darkest I could get it was gray...close enough, right?  She modeled her costume perfectly with no complaints!  And we won 2nd place...girls night out for me and Sarah!

Hannah is now dying for me to make her a tutu.  I told her that I would incorporate one in to her Christmas outfit.

Belle, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), and Cinderella

The princesses and my little candy corn!

We live about a 1/4 mile to church so we walked!

Krista's relatively new VW bug...hence the ladybug costume contest

Praising Jesus through dance!

I got out the swing today to get it ready for the next time Lily pays us a visit.  Reagan decided that it was for her...I found her sitting in ours a couple of times today and in Sarah's the other day.  It's rather funny...until it falls off because she's too heavy! 

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