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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who stole my baby?

Every few months, I have this feeling that Kate and Hannah went to bed a little baby and woke up a completely different big girl. It all started on Sunday when I went into the church nursery to feed Hannah her lunch bottle. (A side note, I do this to spare the nursery workers her projectile vomiting. Trying to save the world, one clean shirt at a time.) Kate was sitting there swinging, but sitting totally upright in the swing, which probably means she's almost done with the swing. Then, when I picked her up from the nursery, she insisted on sitting like a big girl in her stroller. She sat totally up, with no back support and held on to the tray. On Monday night, she decided that wanted to try this crawling thing out. (I think she learned it from her friend Caleb.) She kept trying to push off with her feet and attempted to lift her body up. She actually did lift her body up and scooted both of her legs once. She also got up on all fours and started rocking. Where's my little baby girl? Hannah is also lifting her chest and belly off of the floor and I can tell that she wants to move, but she doesn't quite know how to yet. George and I are taking them swimming in his parent's pool for the first time today. We have little baby innertubes for them to sit in. I'm so excited because they love getting baths so I figure they will love swimming, too. We put them in their bumbo seats in the bath tub (which I know they say not to do because the seats actually do float in the water and could easily tip if given enough leverage...but we were both there supervising and never once turned our backs). They both were giggling the whole time.
They also have this newfound love of spitting their food at me. They love to razz their lips, but it's so much more fun to do when they have food in their mouth. I try and keep it all in perspective because I know they aren't doing it out of rebellion or rudeness, but just think it's fun. Yesterday, it about sent me over the edge though. I was covered in little specks of rice cereal and so were they. I'm trying to correct the behavior early on by placing my hand over their mouth and saying, "Kate (or Hannah), please keep your food in your mouth." They haven't seemed to catch on to my wishes though. Oh, well. I'm sure soon they will be throwing their food at me.

Kate-she's trying to lift up on her knees

Hannah-this is often what I find when I check on them halfway through their naps; feet are wonderful little entertainers

Happy Hannah

Sisters playing together-they've really started to interact more; they're actually holding hands in this picture
"Good job, sissy."

Playtime-Hannah doing her latest trick-the raspberries

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