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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Call me crazy, but it still hurts...

You would think that having 8 month old twins would be birth control enough by itself, but that's why God made endless little things that help prevent (notice I said prevent, not terminate) pregnancy. So I went to my OBGYN's office today to get some birth control because I got to a point when I was breastfeeding that I was sick of the hormones I was putting into my body and just stopped taking the pills. Sorry, if all of this is too much information for you. Anyway, they call me back and ask me if I left a urine sample. I thought that was an odd request, but I chalked it up to the possibility that maybe they just wanted to make sure I wasn't pregnant before they prescribed birth control.

The nurse comes in the room and says, "Did you take a pregnancy test at home?"
"No, I'm just here for birth control."
"Oh, well, someone wrote on the chart that you had a positive pregnancy test. I thought that was weird because I know you just had twins, but some people do it."
" Not even thinking about pregnancy."
"Well, it was negative anyway."
I knew I wasn't pregnant, but having to hear someone say that still makes me cringe. After taking multiple pregnancy tests while we were trying to get pregnant and seeing negative signs, I got so fed up with negative pregnancy tests. Even now when pregnancy is quite far from my mind it still hurts to hear that the pregnancy test was negative. I guess I always assumed that once I was pregnant all of the hurt of trying for so many months would go away. It doesn't though. I don't by any means still cry about it, but I still have those emotional scars and things that still rub me the wrong way. Quite honestly I am hoping that our next pregnancy will take us by surprise (not necessarily anytime soon though).

Here are the two precious reasons for my visit today:


Kate & Hannah
Kate & Hannah (it was hard to get a picture when they were both looking at me with eyes open-Kate seems to have her Daddy's halfway closed eye syndrome when pictures are being taken)

Kate & Hannah
Kate & Hannah
Hannah-snug as a bug in a rug (Daddy said that she did this all by herself this morning)

I took the girls in yesterday to visit with my old co-workers from school. They were so excited to see them and it was nice to visit and see people again!
I also took Kate off of her dreamfeed last night and she did great! I did up her milk intake to 6 oz. at every meal and she seems to be producing no more spit up than she normally does so I'm excited she is done to 4 feeds a day. Hannah, on the other hand, is not handling teething and eating so well. She just wants to have nothing to do with solids and is a pill to get her to drink her milk. She doesn't complain of hunger though. The only thing that seems to explain her behavior is her two little budding teeth. I'm sure it will pass.
George and I get to go away for the weekend... ALL BY OURSELVES for a late celebration for our anniversary! So excited (if you couldn't already tell)! Have a great weekend!


  1. I can feel your "pain" about the negative pregnancy tests ... Even though we're still trying, I figure I'll find out when my belly starts growing. It doesn't matter if I skip a monthly visitor, I don't want to see negative anymore. I understand it's all in God's timing and when I look at our lives I'm so thankful we've not had children yet (although I'd love them dearly), but we've been building our business and it would be so hard to be pregnant or having a toddler running around, etc. I am so happy for you and George! They get cuter and cuter everytime I see them :)
    Donna :)

  2. lol dont forget any pills!!! thats what happened to me and here comes baby #3! lol