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Monday, June 1, 2009

Remember when...

Remember when I told you months ago that I was going to post pictures of their nursery and I never did. Well, I finally feel like it is 99% complete so I am now posting pictures. I know, I know...I'm a little late, but considering I only had 6 months to prepare a nursery (2 of which I was on light bedrest) instead of the usual 9 months, and I have 2 babies, I think I did pretty good! No, I am not as price saavy as my younger sister is, but I think we did okay.

This is what you see when you look in the doorway. This is Hannah's crib.

These pictures were done last December by Abbey Saxton Guffey.
The letters were done by Erin & Amy. My original intention was to put each girl's name above their own crib, but it was more work than I wanted to do. When we originally designed the wall, they were still in one crib. Maybe one day...
This is their very full closet. I finally feel good about it's organization level.

This is their hutch/dresser/changing table. We don't have a lot of space in the room to begin with and with 2 cribs, I knew we'd need something that could serve several purposes.
I just bought these cubeicals from Target a couple of weeks ago and I love them. I needed something that I could organize their books and toys in. Since we have 2 of everything space was getting limited on the dresser shelves.

Kate's crib. The pictures above her crib are my pregnancy pictures.
And the two most important occupants of this room:

Sweet sisters playing together
Playing together again
P.S. They are 9 months old today! Where has the time gone?


  1. Those pics are great but what about Mommy's and Daddy's getaway pics?

  2. Don't you just love those cubbies from Target!! I bought one too! Hey girlie, will you email me from my blog.. I want to ask you a question.