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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh, the possibilities...

Now that they are on the go, a whole new world of possibilities and adventure has opened up for them, including the dog dish. Kate is very comfortable in her new crawling ability and she will now venture into rooms without having to be coaxed or following someone in there. She will still usually follow me into the kitchen, but for a while she just loved the new feeling of the floors...until she discovered the dog dish. We don't leave dog food in there so at least I don't have to worry about her eating dog food. However, she likes to splash in the water. After thinking it was cute the first couple of times she did it and taking pictures, she now gets a little swat on the hand and a firm "No".

I also captured Hannah's mobility on video. I apologize (once again) for the horrible lighting, but she was cracking up at Bella playing and I had to make a quick grab for the camera. You can see her body and you can definitely hear her laughing. Kate is in the background playing around and on top of George.

On a sadder note, we made our first visit to the doctor yesterday for a sick baby checkup. As previously mentioned, the three lovely Lantz ladies are sick. Hannah's snot started to turn colors though so I thought maybe we should check with the doc just to be safe. She said it was just a virus. Kate's cough got nastier today. If you think about it, please pray that we would all get to feeling better. We seemed to have shared our germs with the family we were around this weekend, too.

George had to let go of one of our employees this week. While he spent a large time trying to mentor this young man and showing a lot of grace and mercy to him, the working relationship was no longer conducive to us running a business. It was causing us too much stress. Therefore, George is spending his two days off this week mowing and doing yard work in 90 degree temperatures. Oh the joys of being a small business owner!


  1. Wow, they are so strong! I have been praying for you all to feel better, you talked about colored snot and the orphange popped into my mind! Love the blog, Micheal looks so happy! See you soon!

  2. WOW you have crawlers now, how exciting. I love Hannah's laugh too funny. I am praying that you all feel better real soon.
    Gina Akos