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Monday, June 15, 2009

We are up and running...literally

We finally got the internet back on Saturday after I made George call Verizon. He started throwing around managers' names and MAGIC...we had one of his old co-workers show up at our door about 2 hours later. Isn't it amazing how name dropping can work? It turns out that Verizon still wasn't sending us a new router because we were going to have to pay for it because our old one wasn't under warranty anymore. Thanks, genius...but when were you going to bother to tell us you weren't sending us one? Only when we called back! Great customer service, eh (that "eh" is for all of my Canadian folk out there)? Sometimes I catch myself saying it when I've been around my in-laws for an extended period of time. I do want to note though that the Verizon tech who fixed our internet on Saturday was WONDERFUL (and this was before he realized who he was actually doing work for)!! I am only ranting about the people who are hundreds of miles away on the phone. The Verizon guys who actually work in the field are great...not that I am biased or anything. Anyway, it turns out that the problem was much bigger than our router. The whole Verizon box on the side of our house got hit by lightning so not only did it fry all of the FIOS stuff (don't you love my specificity), but also our computer's net card. So our big computer is currently being doctored at Best Buy. I'm going to pick it up later and as soon as I get some downtime I will be writing multiple posts as we have had many things happen this past week.

When I said I was literally running...that's how I feel these days. My brother is getting married this Saturday so we have a lot of family visiting. Between that, chasing 2 MOBILE babies (yes, I mean mobile), and fulfilling the normal duties of motherhood and wifedom, I am busy and tired. I am going to break my posts up into different topics though so I don't overload you with information and it's easier to read when it's grouped together. Hopefully, I'll have at least one up by tonight (especially for my Central Asia reader-we prayed for you last night before we went to bed).

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