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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Kate & Mommy
Hannah & Daddy-there is a smile behind that pacifier

Uncle Michael's first time holding Rachel-she was only screaming because she was hungry


Kate & Hannah
Happy Father's Day, George! I wanted a low budget homemade gift that the girls could have a part in making.
You can see the 4 footprints on the edge of the frame. Well, my original idea was to use ink, but I tried that with Hannah and she wouldn't uncurl her fingers after the practice stamp. Amy (George's sister) and I then tried to clean the ink (non-toxic) off of her hands and we had a heck of a time doing that so we decided to just do paint which came off much easier. Since we didn't get home until midnight on Saturday night & the girls were sick, we skipped church and spent the day at my parent's house eating leftover Macaroni Grill and watching cable (something George really misses). All in all, I guess he had a great 1st Father's day.

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