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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Little Ducks

We had so much fun at bathtime last night. It's more fun now that the girls can sit up, but they don't like to sit still in the tub. They want to go forward and that makes it really unsafe. I love having George home for bathtime because it means they can safely take a bath together and actually have some time to play. I put on a bathing suit and got in the tub with them last night. It was still a little hard to control them because they wanted to explore. If we had the money, I would probably splurge on some tub seats. Here are some pictures after bathtime.

Kate-such a precious picture


Kate-always on the go

Daddy brushing Hannah's hair

Hannah rubbing noses with Daddy

Hannah & Daddy

Showing off their flip flops


  1. lol love the duck towels. the bath seats are AWESOME i got both of mine on craigslist for $10/each. we dont use them anymore cuz they learned how to stand up and theyre steady in the tub. it was nice cuz i usually did bathtime alone and i knew i could get one out and not worry about the other as long as i was sitting right there. i could read a magazine sitting next to the tub with them and not worry. yippee for mommy time :) maybe you could check some children's consignment stores too?