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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Kate is MOVING!!! She hasn't mastered the real crawl either, but seems perfectly content to scoot around on her belly and can get places fairly quickly. She likes to follow me and has discovered that there is more than one room to the house. She doesn't venture off on her own yet, but she will follow me into different rooms. Kate weighed 17 lbs. 11 oz. at her doctor's appointment. She measured 26 1/4 inches long. Not only has she learned to be mobile, she also knows how to sit up on her own (meaning going from a crawling position to a sitting position), can pull to a standing position using a person, and loves Gerber puffs. I still have to feed her most of them, but she tries to feed herself. She's enjoying the new array of foods that they can eat now (meat, yogurt). While the doctor okayed us to eat pretty much anything (with obvious exceptions), we are holding off on the sweet stuff because I don't feel that there is a need for that right now. They are babies. Let's just stick to the basics people. While she loves to talk to herself, we haven't had any babbling yet. I think Kate is going to be our little sensitive child. They like to move so much and it makes it difficult to change them so I have started giving them little spankins' and telling them "no" when they are flipping over on the changing table. She sticks her lower lip out at me and starts to tear up. Hannah just laughs and think her spankins' are funny. How rotten! I also had to lower Kate's crib because she's sitting up by herself and I'm sure the standing by herself will be following in the not so distant future.

Crawling Kate-look at her go! Yes, we have many run-ins with the table.

Pacifiers have become our friend again at bedtime & naptime.

We tried to keep the sunglasses on for the picture.

Grandma Schaefer & Kate reading a bedtime story

"Woman, are you crazy?" This is the face I get when I feed her a puff or tell her no.

Digging through the toybox.

Feeding herself-another recent skill

Isn't she beautiful?


  1. Kate moves quickly like that. I can't believe how fast they have grown. They are both adorable.