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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hannah & Kate

Here are the two of them together. As for their interaction, they love to look at each other while they eat and smile. Every now and then Kate also likes to take a toy that Hannah is playing with and I have even caught her taking Hannah's pacifier out of her mouth and putting it in her own mouth. Enjoy!

Reading our bedtime Bible story
The Lantz Women
Kate & Hannah

Follow the leader
Backs of the dresses they are wearing below
So cute! This was the day mommy had to get them bathed, dressed, and ready for church all by herself. We were only 15 minutes late...maybe it's because I stopped to take pictures.

WWL-I have been placing them in their pack n' play lately to contain them and this is what I came back to the other day. They are already trying to imitate their daddy's wrestling moves.

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