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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sleepy Sisters

The other day, Sarah and I along with all 4 girls traveled up to see my mom at her work and then took her out for a very belated birthday lunch. Hannah and Kate both fell asleep on the way home, which means that I did not get my usual afternoon break. They had fun "play" sleeping though in their house.

George was reading to the girls before bed the other night and I thought their configuration on the bed was cute so I snapped some pictures. The girls will surely remember that they have a father from all of the pictures they have with him, but if I want a picture with my children, I have to hire a professional photographer. Hmmm.....

And this little cutie likes to play with the toys on her activity gym now. She loves the little purple bear that also has a rattle on it. Notice the seems we have another "happy" spitter. Within the last two weeks, I have pretty much had to keep a bib on her all the time. I am thinking that maybe it might be that she is trying to sit up by herself and crunches her ab muscles. Who knows? At least I have a happy, healthy baby!

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