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Monday, September 10, 2012

Beautiful Girls

Kate had the responsibility of bringing snacks for her preschool class last Friday.  They were studying the letter "B" so we were assigned blueberry muffins.  I let both her and Hannah help me make a box of them.  They love to cook/bake.

Every now and then, Reagan loves to walk up to me with these silly 3-D glasses on.  Sometimes, they are on right and sometimes they are upside down.  I've been trying for a couple of weeks to actually catch her on camera.  These are my best shots!

And, finally, last Saturday, Grandma Schaefer came over to help us put some cookies together for the NICU staff.  Hannah happened to be out on a date with Daddy so Kate was the only helper.

They are supposed to be flip-flop cookies. 

Our family of 5 went to visit the NICU this past Sunday after church and had a nice conversation with Dr. Landfish (one of our two favorite NICU doctors).  I spoke with her about starting up an on-site NICU support group and she is really excited.  She is supposed to get back in touch with me  in the next couple of weeks so maybe this time it will work out!  I definitely still feel led to minister to these precious families!

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