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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

California-Day 6

Hollywood, here we come! Yes, today was the day that we went to Hollywood and Los Angeles. It was about a 2 hour drive with a couple of fun stops along the way due to two twins having digestive issues. We got to see the Hollywood sign, but there was never a place for us to stop and actually take a picture. Matt got one from the highway, but you have to zoom way in to see it. All of our failed attempts up side streets led us to one sign after another that said "No access to Hollywood sign". A little disappointing, but we tried.

We did spot stars on our short time in Hollywood. One was Jamie Foxx. He was shooting a movie called "Valentine's Day" (due out in Feb.) and they stopped sidewalk traffic. We happened to be one of the first groups of people they stopped so we got to see him run across street traffic for one of the scenes in his movie. Kinda neat. The other person was Nigel, one of the judges from "So You Think You Can Dance". George suddenly cries out in the middle of lunch, "Holy crap." I'm thinking that there's some sort of emergency. Then he says, "It's Niles." I turn around and look and realize who he's talking about. "No, dear, it's Nigel." At least we weren't close enough that he could hear him incorrectly call out his name.

After our short stint of walking Hollywood Blvd. we headed out to the Pacific Ocean. One word...brrrrr! We walked along the beach and stuck our toes in the sand and then headed home. Here are a couple of pictures from the day:

The next day, Thursday, we just hung out at home and prepared to come home. Friday was another long day of travel. Hope you had fun hearing about the adventures of Hannah and Kate! Back to real life blogging soon...

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