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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Silly Girls

Hannah and Kate have done some really silly things lately that make me laugh out loud. One of Kate's new accomplishments is smacking her lips. It's actually very sweet because of the face she gets when she does it. However, the following pictures depict Hannah in a rather precarious situation. The both love to climb on things that are low to the ground and sometimes that includes me. Yesterday, I was in their room cleaning up and I had a box of baby wipes on the ground. Hannah decided she was going to climb on top of it. Her plan worked great until she couldn't get off of the box. She beached herself on the top of a diaper wipes box. I left her there while I ran to get my camera. It was too funny! She thought so too. Her little legs and feet were just wiggling away figuring out how she was going to get off the box.

Hannah has also become a big girl with her bottle. For the longest time, Hannah refused to eat unless you held her bottle for her. Well, all of a sudden, she decided she would be okay with holding it herself. So here is Hannah feeding herself. She also will drink from a sippy cup by herself. I'm so proud of her!

Kate has graduated into a big girl car seat. If you know our family well enough, you might be thinking whose car is that. You're right, it's not my car. I had a rental for a couple of days while mine was getting $800 worth of work done. Thank God for warranties because I only had to pay $70. Anyway, back to my story. The base on Kate's infant seat wasn't staying tight so I decided just to switch her into the convertible car seat. It's so much easier to carry her now without the added 10-15 pounds of the infant carrier. I have even managed to get myself, Kate on my hip, Hannah in her infant carrier, my purse, and their diaper bag all out of the door and into the car at the same time. The fun part will come in when Hannah gets into her big girl car seat. That might take some more creativity on my part. Here's a picture of her first car ride in her new car seat.

Here's a video of them eating. They like to eat finger foods unless they are really hungry and then they get frustrated that they aren't getting full fast enough. This is at snack time.

Here's a video of Kate pushing around a walker toy. No real steps yet from either girl, but Kate can walk with this toy really well.

I baby-sat Rachel while Sarah went to a training for her new job. Rachel will be spending time with us two days a week when Sarah starts her new job. What's one more baby to add to our already crazy household? And she's a sweetie so how can I say no? (Sarah, here's Aunt Lauren trying to get Rachel to take her pacifier. Doesn't she look so cute with one in?)

I had a fun-filled evening to myself last night. George is in the Keys fishing with a group of guys. The girls spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa Schaefer's house. I stayed up until midnight scrapbooking. My goal was to have their first year of life done before their birthday party. I'm finished through November. We'll see if I can get the first year actually done, but I'm determined to spend at least a little bit of time everyday scrapbooking. It's amazing to go back and look at all of the pictures when they were in the NICU and see God's hand at work. We actually went back to the NICU one night this week to do our monthly visit and every time I step into the elevator, the smell brings me right back to feeling "at home." I could walk right into the NICU and get back into the NICU routine without a blink. I'm not saying I want to. It's just weird how smells and sounds can bring that back. Off to pick up the girls and then go to Jeremiah's (their second cousin) first birthday party!

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  1. Can not wait to see the scrapbooks, hope you bring them to their party. How about a sleepover Friday or Sat night?