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Monday, August 10, 2009

California-Day 4

On Monday we went to the San Diego Zoo. Once again, we arose early. (Side note here: I forgot to explain in my previous posts that California is 3 hours behind Florida time. Not a huge adjustment for adults to make, but think 3 babies that are very routine sleepers. 7:00 here...yes, think can do the math...that's right, folks...4:00 a.m. Plus, the sun rises at about 5:30 a.m. in CA so you can imagine none of us got to do the sleeping in that you usually do on vacations. The first morning the girls woke up at 4:00, then it got progressively later with a stall out at 6:30, which is decent. To correct the early morning sun waking them up, all 3 babies slept in my parent's walk in closet (which was the size of a small room) where there was nothing but darkness.)

I digress, back to the San Diego Zoo. We packed into the van, this time much more comfortably without all of the luggage and drove about 2.5 hours west to San Diego. The temperature, while still hot, was much more bearable because we were closer to the coast. Here are some pictures:
On the way to the zoo-Hannah
Kate-left, Hannah-right

Driving on the way to the zoo-trying to capture the vegetation

Hannah's new ability-Peek-a-boo. She learned how to lift the blanket over her head and she hides. She doesn't quite get the fact that she has to pull it down, but she enjoys when I tickle her armpits & then gets her to bring the blanket down. She could go on for hours playing this game.
Notice the wind turbines by the road. They had massive fields of them generating clean electricity. Not something you see in Florida.

The mountains
Panda Bear-both of them were sleeping.
More mountains
Kate sleeping


Polar Bear

Who let these two out of their cages? Uncle Michael & Kate (her new favorite funny face)

Daddy & Hannah

Uncle Matt & Rachel

Lion-they were feeding them


Capybara-world's largest rodent

No trip to the San Diego Zoo would be complete without souveneirs. Grandma Schaefer bought them t-shirts, which they unfortunately won't fit into for at least another year. Mom & Dad bought them two little monkeys, one is pink and one is purple. Kate laughed when we showed it to her. They aren't really interested in stuffed animals so for the time being, they are hanging from their cribs.


  1. Awesome, thankyou, I enjoyed the zoo, with the girls!

  2. Oh my goodness Hannah and Kate have the same pacys as Beatrice and Olivia!! They are too cute!!