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Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Thing They are Washable

The girls have a new favorite activity...coloring. Kate decided she wanted to eat the crayons the other day. The only harm it did was mess up her t-shirt, so we'll see how washable they really are.


Kate & Hannah

Alas, I have finally finished reading the "Twilight" series. I am still crazy busy couponing and doing random things. Since the guys were out of town on a mission trip this week in Kentucky, we tried to keep very busy. Sarah and I took the girls to Busch Gardens one day. We put them in the swings. That took a lot of faith because there are no harnesses. We just weren't sure if the girls would actually stay put. They did and they enjoyed it. They also loved playing in the water area.
We have had quite a bit happen in the way of our supposed new house and at the same time quite a bit not happen. Right now, it's kind of a day by day thing. Due to some increasing monetary demands from the seller, we decided not to sign a contract extension. We were not willing to risk losing money for a house that we would possibly not own. Now it seems that the seller and her realtor team is taking us more seriously and is eager to agree to the terms that we were willing to meet. We have a lot of negotiating to do, which is difficult with George out of town. We are exhausted from this whole process. It has taken WAY longer than it was supposed to. We're going to almost 90 days to close on a normal sale house. Absurd, if you ask my opinion. We very eager for your prayers right now. We need clarity and wisdom to either take this opportunity to get out if this is God providing a second chance to get out or to stick it out as the seller is willing to be more reasonable.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Hang in there Lauren. Everything will work out as it is intended. Good things come to those that persevere. Love the pics of the girls. Love, Granpa T.