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Sunday, June 6, 2010

How Much is That...?

Puppy...I mean...toddlers in the dog cage? Ruff, ruff, ruff! No, this is NOT punishment. They figured out how to open Sweet Pea's new cage and they can't get enough of it. My Mom cautioned me against posting these because she didn't want me to get reported to DCF, but you can easily see that the door is open and they are smiling.

Along the lines of how much is that...I have some bragging to do. Here is one purchase today from Walgreens. Care to guess how much I spent on 8 tubs of Pampers Wipes, 2 Clean & Clear face wash, 3 hair care products, and 1 Swiffer Wet Jet & refill, and 5 32 oz. Gatorades?
I spent $20.61. I saved $84.62. I saved 80%! Woohoo! I also earned another $7 in register rewards. I will tell you that I had to buy 10 Sunday newspapers to get the wipes for 50 cents a tub. Well worth it though!

And this purchase was from CVS today. I spent $2.88 for 8 boxes of toothpaste.
I saved 90%! Another woohoo! We are actually getting officially trained on these Walgreens & CVS advanced couponing techniques, but I'd say that we aren't doing too shabby for realtively new beginners!

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