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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Never Go Beach

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah and Kate watched a Dora episode where they were at the beach. Later that evening, Kate asked if we could go to the beach. I told her not today. She replied with, "I never go beach." Later this came along with crossed arms and a pouty face. That was the day I realized I was already living with teenagers. She was right. She never gets to go to the beach. Well, since that day, she has gone twice. Today we went with my family (minus the youngest Lantz). These pictures may not be great because the sun was so bright and it was hard to tell what exactly I was taking a picture of.

One of my comments to George today was, "We should do this again without the kids." I love seeing the girls have fun, but a day at the beach with kids is no day at the beach. There was sand EVERYWHERE! I guess that's the nature of the beach though. We had some much needed family fun time.

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