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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pre-Independence Day Cuteness

The girls and I headed to church yesterday afternoon to participate in some Independence Day activities. There were not the children's activities there that I thought were going to be there, but we made the best out it! And a big thank you to Nanny and Grampie for sticking out the heat and helping me! Hannah and Kate got to enjoy some red sno cones and a bag of popcorn. They also got a red, white, and blue butterfly painted on their cheek. Since the sno cones left them sticky we had to head to the showers as soon as we got home and the butterflies were lost in the water. However, I managed to snap a couple of pictures before they were washed away because I knew the girls would be very disappointed.



And these pictures were from before church yesterday. I just thought Reagan looked too cute to pass up a picture opportunity!

Already learning how to pray

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