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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teaching a New Baby New Tricks

In my last blog I told you about some of Kate's new tricks. They are mainly just Kate's tricks because Hannah doesn't seem too interested in actually learning things. She is more independent and is off in her own little world, but just as happy as can be. When I ask Kate what a bear says, she's trying to say roar. Just in case you think that she's not understanding my question. Her roar comes out like "whoa." Sometimes, she laughs at herself because she has to think about how to form her lips in order to say roar. Her lips actually move before the noise comes out. This was right before bed time tonight and I tried to do it in a well-lit small area so you can actually see the video. I will put a small disclaimer on the video. At the very end I had to cut it off because not only did Kate shake the table, but so did Hannah. It was cut off so that I could discipline my sweet little girl for doing something she knows she's not allowed to do. Enjoy!

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