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Monday, July 26, 2010

ABC...easy as 123

Here are some pictures from last Friday. This was the day that Grandma came to pick up Rachel. Woohoo! Rachel was actually very good, except for Friday afternoon. I had dressed them all alike, or as alike as I could. Hannah and Kate had blue polka dot onesies with brown shorts and Rachel had green. However, Hannah's had to be changed at church because she dropped a chocolate chip down her pants and they thought she had exploded poop. I wish poop smelled that sweet. Either way, they were cute! These pictures are of them having snack time and watching a movie. That only lasted for as long as they had food on their trays.

ABCs are easy for Hannah! She can say ABCD and then chimes in at W at the end of the song. I don't know who taught her W because I've just been working on the first four letters, but she loves her ABCs. She sings them really loud in the store and when she's frustrated. I caught some video of her singing. Kate gets stuck on AB, AB, get the point. They are little talkers though. Enjoy!

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