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Saturday, July 17, 2010

House Pictures

Just a real quick post to show your some pictures. I took these the day we closed and we had not moved in yet. We have obviously done a lot since a week ago, but I will take updated pictures when we are more settled. George and I are "inherting" Rachel for the week while Matt & Sarah are out of town so we have an extremely busy week ahead of us. In addition, I have VBS this next week. BUSY is the best word to describe our life right now, but also very BLESSED.

Our bathroom-small, but sufficient. And, yes, there is a lot of pink tile.
Our bedroom

The hall/guest/girls' bathroom-And, yes, there is a lot of purple tile in here.

The girls' room

Front door & family room

3rd bedroom

Pool-our property line goes back to the far (or 2nd) set of trees. It's an acre.

Another view of the pool

Office/3rd living area; the pool is out the sliding glass doors

The playroom-I've had a lot of fun decorating & am still not done

Kitchen-the wallpaper will eventually go

Kitchen/eating area


  1. It looks great!! So jealous of the pool... can't wait to come see it in person when you're all settled!! Yay!