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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sorry in advance...

I know that my frequency of posting has been dwindling lately. Well, sorry in advance. It's about to go down even more. Why you ask? Great question. We are FINALLY closing on the house this afternoon. YAY!!! I even had the girls, "Whooing!" with me over that this morning. I'll be busy, busy, busy. Another reason is that we won't have internet at our house for the next couple of weeks. Get it together, Verizon. It takes over a week to get something installed?!?! I'm sure that I've mentioned before that our loyalty to Verizon is only because we get an employee discount.

I hope to have pictures of the house up within the next couple of days. We are basically closing and heading over to clean and move in. We're not wasting any time! Join me in praising God for seeing us through this wilderness. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for putting up with us for so long. Love you!

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  1. Lauren, we're happy for you. It's been a long struggle but I'm sure that it is worth every moment. We know that you will be pleased to be in your own abode. Just think how quiet it will be in your parents home, the walls won't vibrate with the squiling or laughter of the girls. I'll bet they will miss that. Love, Grandpa and Naomi