Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Hannah and Kate are 2 years old! Wow...hard to believe! Praise God that we have two beautiful two year olds. I love them to death. George took the day off so we could all go to Busch Gardens as a family. I've been several times with the girls before, but this was his 2nd time going with us. We had tons of fun! The girls have really fallen in love with Abby and Elmo lately so we made sure that we watched one of the shows. They sat through the whole thing. Kate danced and yelled "Yay" after every song. We rode 4 different rides and played in the splash pad area. So that I don't have to label every picture. Hannah is in the red bathing suit. Kate is in the blue.

The whole time they rode the swings, they faced backwards. I think it's because they were going in circles and we were behind them when they started. Goofy!

Kate really did like it. She just got a tad upset waiting for the ride to start.

Kate enjoying the show

Yummy PBJs

First time riding the "horses" on the carousel

Big Bird's Whirlie Wheel (or something like that) a.k.a-the ferris wheel

The next set of pictures are from the other day. I was telling the girls to give each other hugs and they did. It was so sweet!

Hannah was over the hugs by this point

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