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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Firsts

Here are some recent happenings in our house lately. They haven't consisted of much because I'm still battling first trimester symptoms, but my mornings tend to be much better than late afternoon to nighttime. I'm just thankful for each day that passes and there is still a healthy, growing baby in my belly.

The first set of pictures is from our "picnic" on our patio. We made PBJs and had a blast just eating outside. Then, we jumped in the pool for some fun. It was a blast! Just a side note to those reading that out there that think twins must be so much fun. I hear people comment all of the time that they wish they had twins or want twins one day. I would love to do things like this more often (even just take them swimming), but it's nearly impossible at their age to do these things without another adult's help. If I had just one child, I could do things like this more. I suppose I could do it with two by myself, but it's less safe and A LOT more work. I don't get that one-on-one time and even a hint of relaxation. I'm not complaining about twins because they are a blessing, but it's just something to think about should you ever encounter a young girl who thinks it would be "fun" to have twins. Luckily, George had this day off so it was fun!

Kate floating all by herself. We finally figured out a "contraption" that would safely work.


These are from yesterday. They completely emptied out their toy box and moved everything in their playroom around. Where was I while all this was going on? I was in the shower. I actually thought it was amusing enough to take pictures. George didn't come to the same conclusion when he got home. After he cleaned up most of it, he threatened to throw the rest in the garbage if they didn't clean up.

George was able to read them 4 books before bedtime last night and they actually sat fairly still.

I LOVE this last picture. This is Hannah showing you how proud she is of her 1st pee-pee on the potty. It was a complete fluke! I am not potty training nor do I plan to in the near future. I want to at least get out of my first trimester to even attempt it. Nonetheless, we were very excited for her. Doesn't this look like a future yearbook picture?

We have also been battling colds for the last 2 weeks. We saw the ENT today for Hannah's post-op checkup, but she said it just looked like a virus. However, this virus had me and Kate cuddling on the couch last night/morning at 3 am. She was coughing a lot and it was keeping her awake. I turned on Minnie Mouse and gave her a breathing treatment. She went back to sleep after that. Pray that the girls get over these colds. I am very grateful that neither George nor I has caught anything! Have a great day!


  1. Way to go, Hannah!


  2. Ours have cold this week too and it is NO fun. Especially Joshua who has trouble sleeping with his nose all stuffed up. Cute pics!