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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Know...

You know...

1) That you've been to the doctor's office too many times in one year when your two year old says "Doctor" when you've just pulled into the parking lot. Hannah and Kate have both had colds for the last week and I thought something was a little off with Hannah's breathing so I took her to the pediatrician today. Everything was fine! Lucky for them, she just happened to have the flu vaccines in. So Mommy's promise that no one was going to get hurt today turned out to be a lie. That's alright...they came home with cool stamps on their arms.

2) There's a new Elmo movie in the house when they run to the couch and yell, "Elmo!" and then sit their watching intently for a little while. We also got a new "Mee-Moo" video. Care to guess what that means? Minnie Mouse!

3) That there is a baby in Mommy's belly when the little one below runs up to me, says "baby", and then kisses my belly.

4) know that Mommy is in full first trimester mode when she gives away half of a chocolate cake to her sister because she has no desire to taste desserts. I'm praising Him through it because new life is a reason to rejoice! You may see a decrease in posts (as if you already haven't) because all I really want to do all day is lay on the couch or in bed and read. I have yet to throw up, but it's just an all day nausea thing and running after two toddlers doesn't help. George has been trying to help me though and these pitiful pictures today were my attempt to post something for you!

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