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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 14, 2010


UPDATE: The girls finally fell asleep about 1.5 hours into their naptime. Yay!

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I should be enjoying this wonderful time to take my normal Sunday afternoon nap. Why I'm not? I know you're just dying to know. Well, I decided this week that we were finally done with pacifiers. Great idea, right? Sure, but now they don't like to nap. George can soundly sleep through all of the creaking noises coming from Kate using her crib as a trampoline. This no pacifier thing is a disaster. Although, I have entertained the thoughts about giving in, I refuse to. I guess they'll eventually figure it out and start taking naps again.

These are from last night when Kate decided to go through Mommy's hair accessory drawer and load on as many as she could. What happened when we took them all away and made her go to bed? She cried so hard she puked.

Hannah found some lotion

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