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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Little Monkeys

I am happy to report that naptime has become a little more pleasant around here. It still takes 10-15 minutes for them to fall asleep, but I've pushed back their naptime to 1:00ish. However, today was another day it took them until 4:00 to fall asleep. We normally get home from lunch at about 2:45 and I could hear Kate just bouncing around in her crib. Speaking of my little monkey....

I got these adorable monkey hats for $3.50 at Children's Place! Kate loves to sport hers.

Another pre-Christmas miracle...the girls sitting & playing together with one little toy. I was so impressed with how well they just sat and shared. This is not a frequent occurance, but it just reminds me of how much they are maturing into little girls.

George just had his 28th birthday on Saturday. I took him out to eat at JoTo's Japanese Steakhouse. Yummy! Then, we had a bonfire in the backyard with a couple of friends. Nothing fancy. We actually had a huge Thanksgiving meal with our bible fellowship class on Saturday night and had a lot of fun hanging out with friends.
Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are hosting the Lantz family at our house this year. We finally have a house large enough to fit everyone. We've been a little busy with just some last minute projects we want to do to spruce up the house.
Everyone keeps asking if we know what we are having yet. The answer is no. I go for another normal checkup on Wednesday morning and I will be 18 weeks. I'm sure they will schedule an ultrasound within the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited that we get to find out before Christmas! I have begun to feel the baby move, too. He/she has been quite the mover today actually. It's still too subtle to feel from the outside, but I can definitely feel from the inside.
I guess that's it for now! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I will be dragging George out very early (think 4 a.m.) Friday morning to snatch some good Christmas deals!

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