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Friday, November 5, 2010

Early Start

Last Sunday in our newspaper, we received the Toys R' Us Christmas toy catalog. Kate got a hold of it and was completely "wowed" by it. She went through it page by page and picked out anything to do with princesses, mickey mouse, and sesame street. No kidding, any toy magazine that has come into the house since then, she has spotted. Here are a couple of pictures of both of them looking at some:

Kate making Mommy "doffee"
George has the next 5 days off! I have my surgery on Monday. It's a minor one, but please be in prayer because although the risks are small, there are definitely more things that could go wrong with me being pregnant. Just pray for no infection and for them to get it all in the first shot! Also, pray for good healing. They aren't going to close the wound. I had originally scheduled the repair with a plastic surgeon, but they can't do it until after the baby is born. The doctor doing the surgery said that it should heal fine, but once again, this is my face we're talking about and I'm a little nervous.
Have a great weekend, especially if you are living in Florida and have this wonderful cool weather!

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  1. The girls are too cute with their little magazines!!! It made me laugh because we, too, have been getting them in the mail and Ella is the same way! Randy and I have been cracking up at her all week. Hope you're surgery goes well tomorrow. Definitely will be praying for you! :)